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Build Your Strength. Reach Your Weight Loss Goals.

Say goodbye to boring gyms and embrace a new way to look and feel your best. At Step Fitness, we take a holistic approach to health and fitness. We do more than help you build the body. We also help you build the mind. That’s why we offer everything from yoga to CrossFit.

Our Workouts and Activities

We understand that fitness looks different for everyone, so we provide a variety of gym and home workouts and activities to suit your goals. What exercises will you seek out to build your best body and mind?

Strength and Endurance

Strength and endurance training is a crucial element of any fitness journey. It helps to build muscle and increase physical strength, allowing you to tackle more challenging workouts and reach your goals faster. It can also improve your balance and help you tone your physique.

Indoor & outdoor Cycling

Cycling is an effective and enjoyable way to burn calories. At Step Fitness, you can find cycling classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our instructors will help you get the most out of your workout and provide tips you can take to the biking trails.

Fuel Your Body

In addition to offering gym and home workouts, we also provide personalized nutrition and diet plans to help you fuel your body. Our diet and nutrition plans are backed by the most up-to-date research and modern medicine, and can advise you on how to eat and feel healthier.

High-Intensity Training

HIIT is a great way to burn fat and get in shape FASTER. Our classes challenge your body with intense bursts of exercise, followed by rest periods. With our experienced instructors, you’ll be able to push yourself further than ever and achieve your fitness goals without feeling like working.

CrossFit Workout

CrossFit is an intense interval-style workout that combines strength, agility, and endurance. With our expert coaches, you’ll learn how to challenge your body in new ways and reach your goals faster. We offer a variety of CrossFit workouts for all levels of fitness and we prioritize safety.


Boxing is a great way to challenge your body. We designed our classes to build strength, improve coordination, and push yourself in new ways. We offer boxing fitness classes with experienced instructors who will guide you through the basics and build advanced skills.

Whole Body Fitness

We understand that fitness is more than just gym workouts. That’s why we offer a range of activities to help you relax and take care of your mental health. We have yoga, mindfulness, and pilates classes to give you the best overall fitness experience.

Our Outdoor Adventures

Gym and home workouts are great ways to further your fitness goals, but nothing beats adventuring in the great outdoors. Our team plans weekend excursions where you can expand your social circles and put your minds and bodies to the test. We are especially proud of our climbing trips.

#BecomeStronger With More Than Workouts at Step Fitness

When you become a member at Step Fitness, you join a fitness family built on solid core values. We strive to help you reach your highest potential and become the best version of yourself. From gym workouts to nutrition plans, we have everything you need to thrive.

Personalized Plans

We know you all have different goals and needs. That's why our team works with you to create a plan tailored for your fitness and weight loss goals. Whether you want to learn how to eat healthier, try the keto diet, or run faster, our experts will help you on your journey.

Endurance Focus

When it comes to fitness, endurance is key. Our instructors will help you build the stamina and strength you need to complete cardio workouts and keep pushing forward. Push past your fitness plateau and achieve your goals faster than ever.

Learn Self Defense

Are you ready to master the uppercut? Our boxing classes primarily focus on fitness goals, but you also learn how to confidently move your body and throw a punch if the need arises. Combat sports provide a safe environment to learn how to defend yourself.

Look Beyond Appearance

Our outdoor adventures compel our members to focus on more than just appearance. Put the body you're building to use in its natural habitat. Look beyond the appearance of a fit body and enjoy the functionality that comes with it. Are you ready to become part of the Step Fitness family? Come see what we're all about and start your fitness journey today!

Meet Our Fitness Coaches

Our coaches work together to provide a comprehensive approach to fitness for our members. Together, they help you improve your diet, mind, and body. Here are some of the most critical ways that professional coaches accelerate your fitness journey:

  • Developing personalized nutrition plans that are most compatible with your workout schedule
  • Providing expert advice on the best diet for weight loss and building muscle
  • Demonstrating the proper form for gym workouts, home workouts, strength training, and cardio workouts
  • Guiding you in developing a positive mindset and motivation for your fitness journey