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Learn More About the Gym Behind Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals.

Since opening our doors in 2016, we have reimagined fitness, and the ways people pursue their weight loss goals. Our team has worked hard to create holistic workout programs and nutrition plans to help people tackle their health goals from all angles.

Our Mission

Everyone should have access to the best diet for weight loss goals and the right fitness programs tailored to their needs. We actively design our diet plans and personal training programs classes and personal training services so that you can achieve your health goals efficiently and sustainably. Our team remains committed to helping our members achieve their healthy, ideal versions of themselves.

At Step Fitness, we combine the best of all worlds in the health and wellness industry:

  • Professional advice on how to eat healthier
  • Personalized cardio workouts from experienced trainers
  • Strength training gym workouts that deliver incredible results
  • The power of group classes tailored to your ability level

Whether you’re new to fitness or a professional athlete, our team is here to help you identify your goals and create a clear path to help you get there.

Our Values

At Step Fitness, we believe in the power of self-care and community. We’re committed to helping our members reach their fitness goals through diet and exercise plans tailored to their individual needs. We also strive to make our community a safe and inspiring space for every member — a place where you can find support, encouragement, and friendship.


The Superiority of Healthy Approaches

We want our members to not just look their best but also feel their greatest. Our experts point our members toward healthy paths to reaching the fitness goals they seek. We provide recommendations based on safety and effectiveness and discourage unsafe “shortcuts.”


The Power of Hard Work

The old cliche goes that it’s better to work smart than hard. There is some truth to this, but hard work pays off in exercising. For example, intense cardio workouts build endurance and strength. Additionally, hard work builds the confidence our members need for tackling real-world challenges.


The Value of a Healthy Mind

Our team knows that a healthy body requires more than a keto diet and gym workouts. That’s why we focus on teaching our members the importance of meditation, mental calm, and healthy coping mechanisms. When we align our psychological and physical goals, that alignment makes it easier to reach our goals.


The Beauty of Nature

We recognize that nature can serve as a source of inspiration for fitness. That’s why we organize outdoor climbing and bouldering weekend trips. We believe in the power of nature to help us heal and find healthy ways to challenge the bodies built in modern gyms.


The Importance of Accessibility

We understand the value of making high-quality fitness and nutrition services available to everyone. That’s why we offer classes throughout the day to meet almost any schedule. Life can no longer get in the way of you achieving the body you want.

Our Story

Our story began when we realized how woefully incapable some gyms and personal trainers were of meeting our needs. We recognized that while most personal trainers catered to their member’s physical needs, few of them did so from the inside out.

Additionally, we realized that most gyms did not provide opportunities for members to improve their mental health or join active communities. Even worse, most people at the gym rarely took the opportunity to test their skills in nature. We wanted to change this.

Who We Are

We are a team of fitness experts who have combined nutrition, gym workouts, recommended home workouts, and mental wellness to provide a comprehensive approach to self-care.

Our Best Selling Points

Our members love the novel experience of a trainers who takes fitness outside the building and into nature. These are some of the top reasons people have joined our community and remained with us:

  • Free Resources: Our members get access to best-in-class resources at no cost. This brings enormous value to their fitness goals. Ask us about the best diet for weight loss or how to build muscles faster. We’re here to help.
  • Customized Plans: Our experts create personalized nutrition plans that teach you how to eat healthier. We also provide workout plans tailored to everyone’s needs because we acknowledge that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness.
  • Time Efficiency: With classes throughout the day, our members can fit their workouts into even the busiest schedules. Never again let mundane obligations get in the way of your greatness.
  • Mental Wellness Support: We believe in the power of self-care and mental health, so we focus on teaching our members better ways to relieve and cope with stress. Join us for yoga classes or walks in nature as we seek out the best climbing spots.

Our Weekend Trips

Whether you’re new to climbing or already certified in belaying, you are welcome to join us on our climbing excursions. We look forward to sharing our passion for climbing and building the core strengths that make it possible. Still not sure? Here’s why you should join us:

  • Get a full-body workout. Climbing requires full-body coordination. It tones and sculpts muscles from head to toe.
  • Build stamina and endurance. You may not be able to do a pull-up right away, but with practice, training, and conditioning, even beginner climbers can get there.
  • Learn to trust your intuition. Climbing requires both physical and mental strength. Learn to trust your gut and push past boundaries in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Build confidence to tackle life’s challenges. With each successful climb, you gain the confidence to tackle complex tasks and make your dreams a reality.
  • Meet amazing new people. Our trips are about creating lasting memories with great people who share your love for nature and fitness.
  • Embrace the state of flow. Climbers can become so focused on the task at hand that they reach an advanced level of calm and inner peace known as the flow state.

Contact Information

If you’re looking for expert-led classes, and the best diet and exercise plan to reach your weight loss goals, Step Fitness is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your body transformation journey successful. We look forward to helping you on this journey.